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  • What To Expect In Your 1st Virtual Appt.

    Once you set your first virtual appointment, I will send you an invitation to your client portal and some documents to review and sign.

    About 30 minutes before your appointment, you will receive a link to our video session. A couple minutes before our appointment, you will click on the link.

    You can use a desktop, laptop, tablet or phone for our session. The bigger the screen, the better. It makes it easier to see me.

    I use a platform for video appointments called Simple Practice. It is highly encrypted and therefore secure. To be HIPAA compliant, it does use additional bandwidth. The quality of the video is impacted by the quality of your internet connection and the age of your device. You may want to shut down other applications that may be drawing on your internet connection.

    Each of you fills out an intake prior to the session. I will have reviewed it before we meet. 

    At the beginning of the session, I will give a brief introduction and then help your share your story and articulate why you are seeking help. 

    My goal for the first session is to discover the target that must be addressed in order to help you have a better, stronger marriage. 

    To do that, I need to understand what you are feeling and what you need in order to feel happier in your relationship. Therefore, I will find out what is working in order to build on your strengths. I will also find out what isn’t working. 

    This information will lead to the three of us forming a plan and attacking it in subsequent sessions.

    Before we end our first session, I will likely give you homework. Frequently, it is a couple communication questionnaires for you to fill out.

    One of the documents you fill out prior to meeting is a credit card form. Simple Practice uses Stripe which is similar to Square and PayPal. At the end of each session, I will charge the session to your card.

    I take copious notes on my iPad so when you see me looking down, it is because I am writing. Taking notes helps me to remember and better plan for our sessions.

    It is very important that I am confident I get where you are coming from and that you are confident I get where you are coming from. Therefore, at the beginning of the second session, I will summarize my notes from the first session and give you the opportunity to clarify anything I have misunderstood or unintentionally misrepresented.