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    I moved to online counseling at the beginning of the pandemic. I wasn’t sure how I would feel about it.

    It turns out, I really like it.

    I like it because it saves those of you from Peoria, Kankakee, etc. from a long commute; and it makes it possible for those of you from Chicago and Southern Illinois to meet with me. With Online therapy, I can counsel anyone in Illinois.

    You may wonder whether you can get help via your computer. You can. I am helping couples right now. It works.

    You may also wonder if it is safe and secure. It is. I use a telehealth platform called, “Simple Practice” which is HIPAA compliant. That means our sessions are private.

    Here’s how it works. When you set up an appointment, just message me that you would like to have our therapy session(s) online.

    Then you will receive an email with access to your client portal. You just click on the link and you will have a few documents to review and sign.

    When it is time for our counseling session, you will receive a link to the session. You click on it when it is time to meet and we’ll be good to go.

    You can click on my online scheduler and set up an appointment.