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For Men Only

Ok men. No judgement here. Like you, I have done stupid stuff in my marriage. Once I gave my wife an Ace Hardware gift card for her birthday. She accepted the gift with a calm demeanor and slight smile while informing me she was giving me a mulligan, a do over. I ended up spending 4 times as much on my do over and she still kept the gift card. Her friends made fun of me for weeks. One of them made a picture book for me titled, “Gift Giving For Dummies.”

To be looking on my website, I am guessing you have bigger stuff going on than a poorly chosen gift. Maybe you have been caught in an affair. Maybe your wife is saying she isn’t all that into you anymore. Maybe you feel like your marriage is running on fumes and there is no gas station in sight.

You probably don’t want to be thinking about meeting with a therapist. I get it. Couples’ counseling is not on most peoples’ top 10 list. It ranks below root canals and colonoscopies. But you are here, because you know you don’t have a lot of options if you want to save your marriage.

Maybe your wife is interested in coming to counseling or maybe she isn’t. I have had a lot of success helping men be better husbands and fathers. I have had a lot of success helping marriages grow just by working with a very motivated husband.

Sometimes wives see so many positive changes they decide to join their husbands in counseling. Sometimes, seeing longed-for changes is enough to turn their attitude into one that is more positive and hopeful.

We won’t spend months exploring your inner child. We won’t get in the weeds with your life growing up. My counseling is straightforward. I get into the nuts and bolts of what will save your relationship.

So what are you looking for in a couple’s counselor. Is it quality or is it cost? You will find many counselors who charge a lot less; so if cost is your deciding factor, I am probably not your guy. Why? Because your marriage and family are at stake. Divorce is very costly financially and emotionally.

Are you looking for someone ready and able to make things better? Once we hired painters strictly on cost and we were really unhappy with the results. We learned a valuable lesson. So when my wife and I remodeled our home, we searched for the best we could get. When I hired a business coach I wanted to get the best. With our home and my business, quality is much more important than cost. When it comes to family, it deserves the best.

So given all this about quality vs. cost, what is my rate?

I charge $200 per 50 minute session. You can also request an 80 minute session. I only work with private pay clients and therefore don't accept insurance.

If you are ready to roll up your sleeves and go to work for your marriage. You can click on my online scheduler and set up an appointment.