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    Couples Counseling

    You met, fell in love and had a beautiful wedding. You live happily for awhile, but your marriage suffers from a lack of attention and you grow apart. Your communication leads to fighting or at best sitting quietly on your phones while trying to avoid each other. Bad habits give birth to destructive patterns and the dream of a great marriage turns into a big disappointment.

    You still love each other, but waking up in the middle of the night, you wonder what happened to happily ever after. Wondering leads to sadness, fear and hopelessness.

    My job is to help you stop hurting and start enjoying your marriage. Your job is to accept help.

    Marriage expert, Dr. John Gottman, states that on average couples wait 6 years of feeling unhappy before getting help. The longer you wait, the more entrenched you are in negative thinking and feeling. You hoped your relationship would improve, and maybe it does for short spurts. Overall it is getting worse.

    You need an expert to help you get a better, stronger marriage.

    You will find many counselors who charge a lot less; so if cost is your deciding factor, I am probably not your guy. What I do offer is knowing how to be happily married for 40 years, being highly trained in couple’s therapy and having 26 years of counseling experience.

    Why not make your decision on cost? Finances are tough. I get it. But your marriage and family are at stake, and divorce is very costly financially and emotionally.

    You want experience and expertise to help your marriage succeed. You want someone who is ready to go to battle for your relationship! Someone who knows what to do.

    When you work with me, here’s what you can expect. When you attend our first session, I will take copious notes so I can understand what you need in order to have a better, stronger marriage.

    We won’t spend months in psychoanalysis. Instead, we will start immediately working to reach your goals. My counseling will be a no nonsense, straight forward approach. We will deal with the nuts and bolts of your relationship.

    Every session will be designed to build on the previous one, and every session will be designed to help you reach your goals. Soon you will start feeling more hopeful as you build better habits of communication and connection. Soon you will be on the way to having a better, stronger marriage.

    I style my counseling after one of the greatest experts in marriage research, Dr. John Gottman. I am doing advanced training in Gottman Therapy, and have found great success in applying it to couples.

    You are probably wondering about my fees. I charge $200 per 50 minute session. You can also request an 80 minute session. I only work with private pay clients and therefore don’t accept insurance.

    You can click on my online scheduler and set up an appointment.