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    Communication Issues

    You may feel critical. Your spouse may feel defensive. You can’t talk about anything other than your day and your kids without conversations disintegrating into arguments and withdrawal. You have stack upon stack of unresolved issues.

    It didn’t start that way. You used to feel connected. You used to feel like you could talk about anything. You were happy in your relationship.

    Then over time, you paid less attention to your marriage. That led to feeling less connected. That led to communication becoming less fluid and more awkward. That led to sticking to safe subjects and avoiding the danger zones as much as possible.

    Almost every marital issue is affected by a certain amount of poor communication and almost every issue requires improved communication to help solve it.

    I have a passion for communication, having taught it in public schools for 10 years and for over 25 years as a University of Illinois consultant. I love helping couples learn to communicate and resolve conflict more effectively.

    You will find many counselors who charge a lot less; so if cost is your deciding factor, I am probably not your guy. What I do offer is knowing how to be happily married for 40 years, being highly trained in couple’s therapy, having over 25 years of counseling experience and over 25 years of teaching communication classes.

    I style my counseling on the research of Dr.’s John and Julie Gottman. John Gottman is one of the leading authors and marriage therapists nationally and internationally.

    You are probably wondering about my fees. I charge $200 per 50 minute session. You can also request a 80 minute session. I only work with private pay clients and therefore don’t accept insurance. 

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