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    Affair Recovery

    You can’t sleep, have no appetite, and are unable to concentrate at work. There is no joy in your daily life—only anger and grief hanging over you like a dark cloud. All you can see, all you can think about is betrayal and broken promises.

    Infidelity comes in all kinds of packages. Whichever package it is wrapped in, it hurts. It devastates. Trust is shattered. Doubt and guilt underscore your feelings and decisions. You feel cheated and deceived.

    Oh, you hate most the feeling of being deceived—especially when you asked questions after you had suspicions, and you were told you were wrong. You were acting crazy!

    The good news is that with the right help, your relationship can heal. With the right help, this huge wake up call can lead to a better, stronger marriage. What is so hard now can get better over time.

    You need someone who knows what leads to an affair, how to heal the injured partner, how to rebuild trust and how to have a great relationship. You need someone who will walk you through the process and be there to help and support you.

    I have extensive experience and training helping couples navigate affairs and to learn how to move forward.

    Let me help you move forward!

    Please don’t play phone roulette and choose the first counselor who answers the phone. Please don’t make a consumer decision that snags you the best financial deal.

    You are not buying a car. You are trying to save your marriage. Get the right kind of help. Let me help you move forward!

    You will find many counselors who charge less; so if cost is your deciding factor, I am probably not your guy. What I do offer is knowing how to be happily married for 40 years, being highly trained in couple’s therapy and having over 25 years of counseling experience.

    Why not make your decision based on cost? Finances are tough. I get it. But your marriage and family are at stake, and divorce is very costly financially and emotionally.

    You want experience and expertise to help your marriage succeed. You want someone who is ready to go to battle for your relationship! Someone who knows what to do.

    When you work with me, here’s what you can expect. When you attend our first session, I will take copious notes so I can understand what you need in order to have a better, stronger marriage.

    We won’t spend months in psychoanalysis. Instead, we will start immediately working to heal your marriage, rebuild trust and help you have a better relationship. My counseling will be a no nonsense, straight forward approach. We will deal with the nuts and bolts of your relationship.

    You are probably wondering about my fees. I charge $200 per 50 minute session. You can also request an 80 minute session. I only work with private pay clients and therefore don’t accept insurance. 

    You can click on my online scheduler and set up an appointment.